CHT | White Paper

What is Coin Helper Token?

Coin Helper Token is a project that aims to earn more for its investors.


Unlike other tokens and coins, Coin Helper Token provides its investors with automation systems that provide information and support when purchasing other coins and tokens, as well as their pricing.
The Coin Helper Token is available on the Binance Smart Chain with the symbol $CHT. The reasons we choose Binance Smart Chain are its low gas fee and short transaction time at the same time.

Services offered by Coin Helper Token to its investors;

  • Learn Early, notifies its investors of the coins and tokens to be listed on the market 30 minutes before they are listed.
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    DeFi Automation offers the opportunity to place buy and sell orders on decentralized exchanges (PancakeSwap, UniSwap, etc.).
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    ChainScore is a project evaluation system through algorithms developed for all coins and tokens in the crypto money markets.


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