CHT | White Paper


We will use various types of advertisements to introduce ourselves to the investors and increase our popularity in the market
Advertising is an important factor in increasing the popularity of coins and tokens in the market. Today, we will explain that the existence of social media is undeniable and that we have to keep up with this world, so we will follow various advertising policies and what we will do in the policies.

Social Ads

One of the factors reshaping the world today is the worldwide availability of the internet. One of the most popular ways to ensure worldwide accessibility is social media accounts, forums, blogs, chat applications, photo-sharing platforms, games. The power of social networks is high in terms of providing access to users worldwide. The active social media user is expected to reach approximately one-third of the world's population in the near future. The easiest and most effective way to reach users is to advertise on social networks. It is to reach our audience by introducing ourselves to our investors in the best way with advertisements. The platforms below are the platforms we will be on social media.
  • Active Twitter Posts
  • Twitter Active Audience
  • Twitter Trend Topic Target
  • Facebook and Instagram Social Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Ads with Social Media Phenomena
  • Stock Exchange and Blog Ads

Guerilla Ads

Guerilla marketing is a way to increase publicity and, as a result, brand awareness, using unconventional methods designed to arouse surprise, curiosity, or shock.
  • Using world-renowned buildings for advertising purposes
  • Use of areas such as train stations, campuses, city center for advertising purposes
  • Distribution of clothing and accessories products
  • Organizing festivals and concerts in various regions around the world with sponsorships