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Vesting Process

What are Coin Helper Token Vesting Transactions?

The Coin Helper Token is a locking and time-release mechanism that takes precautions not to release all of the total supply in its hands at once, and to prevent stakeholders such as the developer and the founder, who take a share from the supply, from selling their shares all at once.
Coin Helper Token, vesting transaction has been determined on the contract and all data has been documented with tx records on BSC Mainnet.
Vesting transactions have been applied for Founder, Developer, Marketing expenses and Public Sale (time distribution of supply). In the continuation of the article, it will be explained in detail under which conditions and how much of the supply is poured into the locking mechanism.
The start date of vesting transactions has been finalized to June 20, 2022 and entered into the contract, and this date is the date of commencement of calculation of all vesting transactions listed below.
Methods used in vesting procedures and their explanations;
Cliff: It is called the waiting period, during which the supply accumulates and when the cliff period ends, the release occurs at once. Unlike periodic release, the entire supply allocated for the cliff is released at a single time, not at certain intervals.
Period : It is the period of time that determines the periodic release of the amount of locking independently in the Cliff process. An example is to release a certain amount of CHT every 3-month period over a 48-month period.
Process: The total process of the lockout amount, determines the maximum time after the start date. In other words, it is the maximum period of time that the periods will take charge. The highest period in the Coin Helper Token is 48 months with the Public Sale.

Founder Vesting Process

The founder owns 5% of the total supply, which is the share of the company and the founder. In total it corresponds to 45,000,000 CHT. This share will remain locked for 24 months. After 24 months of completion, it will be opened in one go.

Developer Vesting Process

It is the share of the colleagues in the team, which corresponds to 10% of the total supply and is 90.000.000 CHT. This share does not belong to a single person, it is the common share of more than one person in the team. 50% of this share will be released after 12 months of cliff processing. The remaining 50% will be distributed as a temporary distribution for 12 months after the cliff transaction. In the second 12-month period, on average, 3,750,000 of the 90,000,000 CHT supply allocated to the Developer will be active.

Marketing Fortress Process

Marketing is the share that is set up so that the project can be supported continuously. Even if the token comes to a certain place, advertising will be maintained continuously and this share will only be used for advertising spending. It has 10% of the total supply and is equivalent to 90,000,000 CHT. This share will be distributed for a period of 12 months. An average of CHT 3,750,000 will be active each month.

Public Sale Vesting Process

Although 17% of the total supply is sold in the pre public sale, the remaining supply will be distributed in a piecemeal manner as it will lead to liquidity problems if it is harshly released at once. During this distribution period, which will last for 48 months, a total of 405,000,000 will be distributed every 3 months for 48 months, on average, it will be distributed every 3 months at an instant price of CHT 25,000,000.

Results of Vesting Procedures

The most basic purpose of vesting transactions is to fully protect the supply and ensure the liquidity balance. It allows the supply to be uncovered and used piecemeal rather than being put to market at once, but also evidence on the network that the employees involved in the project and the founder will not sell the CHT they have and will keep it for the duration of the vesting. It is not possible to recover the locked amount unless the transaction in the Vesting contract is terminated. Locking operations have been carried out with great care.
The ultimate goal here is to ensure that the real community and CHT are not harmed.
Vesting Contract : 0x0166Fad26aE97F113545a89F997b3172c5E3A585
Detailed Version of Vesting Chart : Click To Vesting Chart